Thursday, December 27, 2012

PART DEUX - Summer 2012 in Review

We went to Wild Water Adventures with our friends Natalie and Danielle Bornemann and Grammy and cousin Ian.....

We flew to Denver to be with family as Ken's brother David married his lovely bride Melissa....
Fell asleep as we landed and slept through the airport.

Loved seeing beautiful Denver.

All dressed up and ready for a party!

Looking so handsome in his kilt!

Enjoying the sights while we waited for the ceremony to start. It was beautiful there!

Handsome boys: Uncle Tony, Dada, Uncle David, Desh and cousin Ian.

Fun with Grammy

We got to watch some rescuers practice drills in the river.

And we took a walk with Grandpa, Ken's cousin Kevin, his wife Susan and their adorable little boy Finn, who is a month younger than Desh.

They looked so cute in their matching kilts.

Uncle Tony!

Everyone wants a picture.

Some quiet time in the hotel before bed.

The next day we visited the Denver Zoo.

Don't make a peep!!!!


This time, Deshy fell asleep as we took off. Yay!

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