Thursday, December 27, 2012

PART DEUX - Summer 2012 in Review

We went to Wild Water Adventures with our friends Natalie and Danielle Bornemann and Grammy and cousin Ian.....

We flew to Denver to be with family as Ken's brother David married his lovely bride Melissa....
Fell asleep as we landed and slept through the airport.

Loved seeing beautiful Denver.

All dressed up and ready for a party!

Looking so handsome in his kilt!

Enjoying the sights while we waited for the ceremony to start. It was beautiful there!

Handsome boys: Uncle Tony, Dada, Uncle David, Desh and cousin Ian.

Fun with Grammy

We got to watch some rescuers practice drills in the river.

And we took a walk with Grandpa, Ken's cousin Kevin, his wife Susan and their adorable little boy Finn, who is a month younger than Desh.

They looked so cute in their matching kilts.

Uncle Tony!

Everyone wants a picture.

Some quiet time in the hotel before bed.

The next day we visited the Denver Zoo.

Don't make a peep!!!!


This time, Deshy fell asleep as we took off. Yay!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer 2012 in Review - PART UNE!

This summer has been a fulfilled summer! Here are some highlights:

Deshy took swimming lessons all summer. He can now float on his back, blow bubbles, put his head under water, and hang on the wall. He has certainly become a true water baby and loves swimming!

We went to Grammy and Granpa's a lot! Ian even came to visit! During this visit, Grammy wanted to take her boys out in the paddle boat so we dressed them in their life jackets and loaded them up. (Safety first!)

Deshy was fine until he noticed Mom and Dad getting further and further away....

Notice his face change....

He decided he'd rather watch from land. 

Look how much fun Grammy and Ian are having!!!

It was also time again for a haircut. This time Daddy came with us. We thought it would go better if Deshy sat on Daddy's lap during the cut. 
We were wrong...

Once he got his lollipop, he was OOOO-kay. (So traumatic! Such a strong-willed child.)

Grandpa and Grammy are star athletes! They belong to a Petanque club and are top of their game. So of course, we had to go watch them play one Sunday. Grammy surprised us with personalized Petanque shirts!

Ian teaching Desh the rules...

Desh getting ready to throw. Everyone stand back!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

The night before Memorial Day, Grammy and Grandpa came for a visit and brought Pepper! Of course, Deshy had to take her for a walk (Pepper that is!). Grammy and Grandpa had just gotten back from a long, relaxing trip to Hawaii and we were excited to see them.

The next day, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Marshall's for a Memorial Day celebration. 

After swimming, a yummy bbq, ice cream and pink....I mean red...cookies, we all participated in a life-sized game of Angry Birds.

First up was Team number 2 to arrange boxes "shoulder high" and stack the pigs for Team 1. Look at how proud Team 2 is of their arrangement.

First up: Brave Brooklynn....

And the crowd goes wild!!!! (While spinning a pinwheel.)

Then its Team 1's turn to stack boxes. Don't they look mean??? (Is it just me, or do the teams look unbalanced to anyone else?) 

Mighty McKay from Team 2 takes aim.... (Is that Ken's head sticking up above the boxes?)

Next up, Mad Maddie.....

Even Awesome Ally took a shot (although I look more like I'm water skiing!)....

And the crowd goes wild!!!

It went like this......

And like that.....
A few more times until someone shot a bird into the bush and we spent the rest of the afternoon looking for it with rakes, gloves and flashlights.

And the crowd went wild!!!!